Auction Rules

  1. Registration:
    1.1 Both Sellers (Breeders) and Buyers are required to register on Pigeon Mission.
    1.2 PigeonMission reserves the right to approve and terminate the registration status of
    participants on this site without necessarily giving any reasons for its decisions in this regard.
    This applies to both Sellers and Buyers.
    1.3 Become a registered user of the Pigeon Mission site by completing the auction registration
    form. Click “Register” on the navigation bar on any page to register. Once you have completed
    the registration and clicked the submit button you will be emailed to confirm your registration.
    Click on the link in your email to confirm your registration. Once successfully registered you can
    log into the auction site and start bidding.
    1.4 To be able to bid the user has to register an account on which need to
    be verified through the administrator.
    1.5 During registration, you must provide us with your full, real name, address, cellphone number
    and email address.
    If management believes false information has been provided, or we suspect that unethical
    methods were used, any buyer or seller can be excluded or banned from the site.
    Management reserves the right to exclude any buyer or seller for any reason and has final
    authority for any issue.
    Management reserves the right to restart the auction, as a result of technical delays or system
    1.6 Pigeon Mission respects your privacy and will never sell or provide your personal information,
    user ID’s, etc., to third parties for marketing purposes, without your complete consent.
  2. Auction Rules:
    2.1 All bids are processed immediately in the order received.
    2.2 All lots have a minimum bid increment and reserve price.
    2.3 The starting bid must be equal to or greater than the stated minimum bid.
    2.4 You may increase the bid at any time before auction closing.
    2.5 The winning bidder will be the highest bid received prior to “bid closing”.
    2.6 The Server Clock is the final arbiter of the “bid closing”.
    2.7 The hammered price will be equal to the highest bid. The lot will be awarded to the winning
    bidder at the hammered price. The organisers have the right to withdraw from the highest bid if
    our expected reserve price has not been reached at auction.
    2.8 The organisers have the absolute discretion to determine the winning bidder; to cancel the
    sale or re-offer and resell any disputed lot/item on the auction.
    2.9 The final results of the auction will be published on the site shortly after auction closing.
    2.10 All pigeons on auction remain the sole property of Seller until collection (loaded into the
    basket for shipment). Ownership/risk transfer from Seller to the buyer/new owner once the
    pigeon/s is fully paid and the pigeon is loaded into the shipping basket.
    2.11 Winning bidders will be invoiced and EFT payment needs to be paid within 72 hours.
    Pigeon(s) are only available for pick up or delivery once the full amount has been received. If the
    invoice isn’t paid in time by the buyer, and there is no pre-arranged agreement, Pigeon Mission
    reserves the right to undo the sale to the disadvantage of the buyer, and resell the pigeon.
    2.12 Accounts must be settled via EFT or Cash. Payments into the sellers bank account.
    Cash Deposits / Payments.
    If you are paying via Cash Deposit please add 2,5% banking costs. PLEASE NOTE : No pigeons
    will be released without the 2,5% extra payment on Cash Deposits.
    Bank / Internet Transfers.
    Please note: If you are paying via a Bank or Internet transfer, NO additional banking costs are
    2.13 Shipping remains the responsibility of the buyer, to be arranged by the buyer. The buyer will
    cover all shipping costs – Shipping Cost is excluded in the auction bill.
    2.14 The Gender of all pigeons on auction is not guaranteed by the auctioneer “Pigeon Mission”.
    2.15 No warranty is given as to the performance of fertility of any pigeon, and the Purchaser is
    hereby invited to insure against this.
    2.16 Pigeon Mission will not be responsible for any defect of any pigeon sold. It is solely the
    buyer’s responsibility to bid on the pigeon as if the buyer handled the pigeon.
    2.17 All bids placed on any pigeon lot are binding and can and will not be removed. All pigeons
    sold on Pigeon Mission auction are sold as is.
  3. Indemnity:
    3.1 Pigeon Mission is the liaison between seller and buyer and cannot guarantee the truthfulness
    of text and pictures provided by the seller. It is the seller’s responsibility to deliver accurate,
    truthful information listed on the auction site.
    Information on the website, regarding the auction, will be published to the best of our ability. We
    cannot accept legal responsibility or be held liable for mistakes or omissions on the site. We will
    do our best to rectify any errors as soon as we are informed and will correct those issues, as well
    as advise those affected.
    3.2 Each Buyer agrees that his/her executors, administrators and/or assigns shall indemnify the
    Organizing Agent, “Pigeon Mission” and its servants and agents from and against claims for
    damage or claims from any cause whatsoever to any person who may make a claim against the
    Organizing auction provider “Pigeon Mission” or any of them, should the pigeon/s on auction be
    found different to the clear description, whether or not such a claim is based on the negligence
    of the Organizing Agent “Pigeon Mission”, its participants & servants or any subcontractors of
    Pigeon Mission.
    3.3 Pigeon Mission auction and its servants and agents, are selling on behalf of Sellers with a
    clear understanding that all pigeons on sale will be the Buyers responsibility to insure himself/
    herself that the pigeon on auction complies to his/her expectations.
  4. An “AUTO LISTING TIME EXTENSION” will offer the opportunity for last bidding.
    4.1 Bidding within the last Five (5) minutes before closing will automatically extend the auction
    with another Five (5) minutes and will be extended again until the final bid (Highest Offer) has
    been accepted.
    When a new bid is made for any given pigeon within the last 5 minutes of an auction closing time,
    the auctioning closing time of that pigeon will be extended by another 5 minutes.
    Example I:
    The auction was set to end at 20:00. A bid is made for a certain pigeon at 19:57.
    The auctioning of that pigeon is automatically extended, the auction for all other pigeons that did
    not receive a bid in the last 5 minutes will still end at 20:00.
    The Seller selects this option when creating their listing, so if this option is selected, it will be
    indicated on the item showing the time extended.
    Basically, the auction will have a scheduled close time – for example 20:00. If there are no bids in
    the last 5 minutes before 20:00, the auction will close as normal known as .“bid closing”.
    Example II:
    If, however, someone places a bid at 19:59, the auction is automatically extended by 5 minutes. If
    there are no further bids, then the auction closes at 20:04
    If one or more bidders bid at 20:01 in the extended time, then the auction automatically extends
    again within 5 minutes. Any bidder that bid in the extended time will keep on extending the time
    with the purpose to have a fair chance to buy the pigeon at his best price submitted,if no bidding
    continues and the extended time ends, this will be the “bid closing”. This simulates the “Going,
    going … gone” nature of traditional live auctions.
    Every time a bidder submitted a bid – an email is send to the bidder to confirm his bid – if, the
    bidder is “outbid” not only will the new amount show on the auction screen – but an email will be
    sent immediately to notify him that there are a new accepted bid on the pigeon.

  5. Errors:
    5.1 From time to time a mistake will be made. If that occurs, please email us. Bids placed in the
    last three (3) hours of the auction will not be cancelled or deleted.
  6. International Bidding:
    Pigeon Mission welcomes international bidders, however, please contact us before placing
    a bid, so we can ensure that the auction birds can be transported to your intended
    International buyers are responsible for all bank charges incurred by themselves and us.
    Although we will assist with international shipment of auction birds, we cannot accept
    responsibility or liability for the birds, once they leave our care. Shipment is entirely at the
    buyer’s risk and expense.
    6. International Bidding
    ● Pigeon Missions welcomes international bidders, however, please contact us before placing a bid, so we can insure that auction birds can be transported to your intended country
    ● International buyers are responsible for all bank charges incurred by them and us
    ● Although we will assist with international shipping of the birds, we cannot accept liability or responsibility of the birds, once they leave our care. Shipment is entirely at the buyer’s risk and expanse
    sent immediately to notify him that there are a new accepted bid on the pigeon.
    Because of possible slow/poor internet connection, potential different Internet and E-mail
    settings, interested buyers need to refresh the page frequently to check if other bids have been
    7.1 Sellers need to reserve their planned auctions through pre-booking with the host.
    7.2 The Seller shall be required to pay the Host a commission at a percentage of the bid amount,
    as mutually agreed between the parties, within 24 (twenty-four) hours of payment for a bird as
    effected by the Buyer reflecting in the Seller’s bank account. Failure to do so may lead to
    suspension of services by the Host to the Seller until such payment is made.
    7.3 Only one auction featuring one breeder will be run in any pre-allocated period.
    7.4 Pigeon Mission reserves to disqualify lots if deems as not compliant with its quality standards
    without giving reason for such action.
    7.5 Each lot offered will be presented as follows.
    a. 5-level (minimum 4-level) pedigree indicating the breeding-performance related qualities of
    ancestors should be sufficiently detailed.
    b. Particularaty of each pigeon should provide the following.
    i. A high-level description detailing performance and/or breeding particularity. This may form part
    of the Pedigree supplied.
    ii. Sex
  • For young birds where sex is not known this should be stated.
    iii. Strain
  • Most modern-day race birds have diversified origins but where a dominant strain is present this
    should be indicated.
    iv. DNA Certification
  • The Seller should be prepared to prove the parentage of each bird offered and sold and may by
    the Buyer be required to provide proof at the expense of the Buyer.
    v. Photos
  • Although professionally prepared physical and eye JPEG photographs may be provided,
    photographs that project the bird on offer without tech-driven manipulation is also allowed.
    vi. The Seller shall facilitate the most convenient transportation and delivery process as agree
    with the Buyer at the Buyer’s cost.
    vii. Disclaimer
  • Although all reasonable measures to ensure that top quality pigeons are offered for breeding
    purposes, neither the Breeder nor the Host can give absolute and scientifically based guarantees
    that pigeons sold on this site will yield the expectations of the Buyer. Upon placing a bid for a
    specific pigeon, the onus shall rest on the Buyer to analyse the data presented by the Seller and
    decide its consequential bidding decisions. Both the Seller and the Host shall be absolved from
    any responsibility for the future breeding performance results achieved by pigeons sold on the