About Us

Pigeons Mission

Pigeon Mission is an online auction house for racing pigeons which focus on the higher segment of the market.
Optimum pigeon racing achievement is an ever-evolving science largely determined through constantly improving race performance genetics. It is not only the genotype physique of the race pigeon that determines outcomes but also the inherent phenotype qualities such as determination and motivation to reach its loft in the shortest time, its orientation-ability, and its perseverance to advance under extreme weather conditions, that renders its owner with a competitive advantage. To be ignorant of these factors leads to disappointment and ultimately, disillusionment in what is a noble sport – but in any race there can be only one winner.
Against this background, and unapologetically so, it is our mission to host only breeders with proven race records at both One Loft and Organisational racing levels to offer pigeons on this site and thereby attempt to facilitate maximum prospects of success to our buyers.